ALH deliveries successful on the Gen Hotel Selection Sale

ALH embryo donor: Pamprd Acres Ab Ivy Red at the World Dairy Expo

Two highly sold animals at the Gen Hotel Selection Sale May 5th. were again thanks to deliveries of ALH embryos!

ALH delivered Ivy Red (lot 7) as embryo to Arjan Roubos, Roubos Holsteins in Leersum (The Netherlands). Ivy Red is a Farnear Altitude Red daughter out Pamprd-Acres Ab Ivy Red EX-94.
She sold for Euro 7.500 and goes to Northern-Ireland.

ALH delivered Beauty RC (lot 18) as embryo to the Holmer family, Holbra Holsteins in Laren (The Netherlands). Beauty is a Golden Oaks Master daughter, red carrier and granddaughter of Butz Butler Gold Barbara EX-96. She sold for Euro 4.500 and stays in The Netherlands.
Bron: GenHotel website

Out of Pamprd Acres Ab Ivy Red EX-94 herself and out daughters and granddaughters of Butz Butler Gold Barbara EX-96 are embryos available @ EMBRYOSALE.COM

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