Cover HI Plus november 2022

Cover picture HI Plus November 2022

At the cover of the HI Plus November 2022 is the high producing Kolhorner Yedi Cosmo, now EX-90, EX-92 MS. Cosmo is the Jedi daughter of A-L-H Gold Chip Candy 2y VG-86.
Candy her dam is  A-L-H Clarice, the Planet daughter of Larcrest Cosmopolitan.
Candy was purchased as a heifer from ALH and owned by Piet and Anje Grin, Biddinghuizen (The Netherlands).

Another successful purchase and breeding result made by A.L.H. Genetics B.V.

ALH has 10 beautiful pregnant heifers available!
Buy? Call Arjan Werkhoven +31 651608017.

ALH has embryos and livestock available world-wide with daily new embryos added @ EMBRYOSALE.COM

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Talk to the breeding specialist Adolf Langhout, call (+31) 511-424243 or send a mail

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