Homecoming with Cookiecutter Habitan

Habitan 9106 2y VG-86, maternal sister of the bull AOT Homecoming

The impressive AOT Homecoming is one of Habitan’s most popular sons. He has 2828 gTPI, 2.85 gPTAT and 2.58 gUDC with +627lb +0.17% fat, +0.06% protein and positive health traits.

In the world of modern genomics breeding, it is unprecedented how much influence a cow can develop in just five years. The combination of successful embryo production and an elite ability to inherit type, production and functionality enabled Delta daughter Cookiecutter Habitan EX-90 to build a genetic empire.

The continued, consistent breeding pattern of the Habitan family should come as no surprise. After all, her dam’s Mogul sister, Cookiecutter Hanker, is a former Global Cow winner, just like her dam’s dam, Halo. And then the pedigree leads via Goldwyn-Champion-Hershel-Rudolph-Elton to the very first Global Cow winner, Snow-N Denises Dellia. Bron: Holstein International January 2023

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