Welcome to ALH Genetics

A.L.H. Genetics is headquartered in the north of The Netherlands in the province of Friesland. Since 1989, this company belongs to Europe’s most dynamic trading companies for livestock, embryos and top genetics from the Holstein breed.

A.L.H. Genetics is active around the world and selects the very best genetics from the global Holstein industry. As a result, customers from A.L.H. Genetics can be found in virtually all dairy countries around the globe.


• Import and export of embryos
• Embryo donor sourcing
• Inspection tours in North America and Europe
• Sourcing young sires for AI-companies
• Supply of breeding bulls for on-farm use
• Supply of bred heifers
• Supply of top pedigree heifers
• Housing of donor cows and heifers in our facility for ET and IVF
• Testing and quarantine for export in our EEC export facility
• Participation in major Holstein sales
• Organisation of the Tulip Holstein Sale
• Organisation of EMBRYOSALE.COM
• Genomic testing males and females


Since many years, A.L.H. Genetics is Europe’s largest importer of embryos from North America. At the same time, A.L.H. Genetics also is responsible for a large share of all embryo traffic within Europe and Europe’s embryo export. This is no coincidence. Expertise and Holstein know-how have resulted in valuable and reliable contacts around the world, enabling A.L.H. Genetics to make the fastest and very best selections worldwide.
Accurate and safe transport of the embryos result in a reliable and quick delivery, so that customers (dairyfarmers as well as AI companies) can soon add the new genetics to their breeding programs. In this way customers will have a maximum of the value of new pedigrees and short generation intervals.
A.L.H. Genetics can offer a large variety of embryos: from top index to top type. As a result, its embryo sales have led to numerous top animals around the world. Embryos from A.L.H. Genetics have been sold to Western and Eastern Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Japan, South America, etc.


You will be able to work with all the world’s top cow families as a result of the global contacts and selections of A.L.H. Genetics. The company not only contracts highly valuable brood cows, but also super attractive maiden heifers. This enables you to work with the newest genetics from around the world! When it comes to sire selection for ET activities, A.L.H. Genetics always selects the very best of the world’s top proven Holstein transmitters. However: you can always ask for the sire or cow family to meet your own specific requirements!
Animals selected by A.L.H. Genetics are always top level genetics. This is not only guaranteed by the top pedigrees, production records and classification scores to be found on these animals, also the personal selection of the animals by A.L.H. Genetics plays an important role. A.L.H. Genetics wants to assure customers and itself to deliver the very best genetics available!

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