Breeding Bulls

A.L.H. Genetics has many years of experience with the selection and purchase of AI bulls for European AI studs. Sires such as Duplex, Mascol, Gospel, Struik, Jonk, Stylist, Dakota, Duke, Goldday, Danillo, Pioneer, Winston, Casual P RC, Rodonas, Selleck and the R&W Jotan, Amor and Apoll P Red were “sourced” by A.L.H. Genetics and through intermediary spread all over Europe. Due to the purchase of additional bulls, we are in a position to provide natural service bulls to you as well, all originating from deep, proven cow families.

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Full service!
Full service!

You can select yourself from over 100 bulls in various age and price classes, which A.L.H. Genetics has available for sale to private parties. These bulls are in our own stable at Damwoude, in the north of The Netherlands, where you can compare and make your own selection. As we are selling animals from this stable to clients both in The Netherlands and abroad, the health status is extremely high. All bulls are certified IBR, BVD and Lepto-free and are sold with a service guarantee.

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May 2021


BGP Solut Waldina

July 2021


A-L-H Celebrity

August 2021


A-L-H Slush

August 2021


AOT Eisaku Habitan 9106

July 2020

Chrome (Jersey)

Arethusa Victoria Secret

May 2021


Sandy Valley Sensation

April 2021

King Doc

A-L-H Durham Latricia

July 2021


A-L-H Celebrity

September 2020

Andreas (Jersey)

Schulte Bros Tequila Shot

June 2021

Miran PP RC

Luck E Redburst Aphrodite

April 2021


Kolhorner Yedi Cosmo

October 2021


Pine Tree 7019 Medl 7883

December 2020

Casino (Jersey)

Arethusa Vivian

For further information about our current offer and tranport possibilities, please contact Arjan Werkhoven at Tel. (+31) 651-608017 or call our office at Tel. (+31) 511-424243 or use the contact button.