A-L-H Atwood Anja RC


sireMaple Downs Atwood

damMs Talent Applicious Red EX-92

mgsLadino Park Talent RC

mgdKHW Regiment Apple Red EX-96

mggdKamps Hollow Altitude EX-95

mgggdClover Mist Alisha EX-93

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Noard Easter Red Lawn Jotan P VG-88

VVH Snowman Isa 14 2y VG-88

Giessen Shottle Cinderella 15 EX-91

A-L-H Doriena P RC 2y VG-86

De Rith Cinderella 36 2y VG-88

Watermolen Baxter Panky VG-89

Vendairy Snowman Willie 12 VG-85

Cookiecutter SS Have

A-L-H Braxton Luna 2y VG-88

Lylehaven Doorman Latifah

MS Brandys Bethany RC VG-85

MS Chassity Obs Crystal EX-90

Schreur Cassandra RC

Noard Easter Red Rose PP

Zeedieker Advent S Rose Red VG-88

A-L-H Atwood Anja RC

Willsbro Garret Madison VG-85

Watermolen Marijke 2y VG-87

RR Bookem Elina VG-86

Holec Redrose Braxy 2 RC 2y VG-89

Butz-Hill Magicstar 2y VG-88

Ms Moviestar Mogul Maui 2y VG-86

Crackholm Baxter Hannah EX-90

MS Apples Uno Aleetra RC EX-90

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