Blexys Avalanche Bourbon RC


sireMr Apples Avalanche RC

damRosiers Blexy Goldwyn EX-96

mgsBraedale Goldwyn

mgdRosiers Beyonce Dundee EX-90

mggsRegancrest Dundee

mggdRosiers Burka Triumphant EX-90

mgggdRosiers Burdy Vision VG-87

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Shiloh USA Kingboy Calla 2y VG-85

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Blexys Avalanche Bourbon RC

Blondin Armani Stella Arto EX-94

Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn EX-97

Kings Ransom MG Cleavage EX-95

MS Apples Aria RC EX-92

Strans Jen D Tequila Red EX-96

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Duckett Doorman Oynx

Miss Apple Snapple Red EX-96

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S-S-I Doc Have Not 8784 EX-92

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Duckett Sidekick Ora

Apple-Pts Applejacks Red EX-90

Idee Doorman Lysa EX-94

Crossbrook HG Dixie EX-92

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