A-L-H Akilia Kiwi at Aberekin

High selling bull Kiwi at Aberekin in Spain

AKILIA KIWI is a successful proven bull at the AI station of Aberekin in Spain. Last month this bull was in the picture in the worldwide known breeding magazine Holstein International.

AKILIA KIWI Kingboy x Snowman x Baxter / 4230 ICO
‘For several years now, there have been a number of milk factories in Spain that only process A2A2 milk. As a result, bulls with A2A2 are in extra demand here,” says Jordi Farré Rebull of Aberekin. The best-selling daughter-proven bull with A2A2 to his name is Kiwi, who also has many more qualities, says Carlos Ugarte. “Kiwi is a proven bull with 118 daughters in his breeding value. In addition to A2A2, he is also BB, and has a good production with high components.’ The conformation figures of Kiwi are also excellent, with almost all linear characteristics (except leg position-side view) in the favorable range. That is not very surprising, because the Spanish Kingboy son comes from a ‘dream family’, as Ugarte describes it. His dam, Gen-I-Beq Akilia, is a Snowman descendant of KHW-I Aika Baxter, followed by KHW Goldwyn Aiko and Kamps-Hollow Altitude. Characteristics to take into account when combining are, according to Ugarte, straight leg position, long teats and the average milking speed. “Kiwi fits best on cows with a good milking rate,” says Ugarte, who indicates that Kiwi mainly provides a lot of good. “His daughters are very productive, have strong and fine feet and legs, and firmly attached udders with well-placed teats. They are stylish, easy to work with and have a good longevity.”

A-L-H AKILIA KIWI is bred by ALH and delivered to Aberekin.
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