ALH deliveries leading

Grand Champion: Heerenbrink Angelina

During the Holland Holstein Show 2022, held on November 4 and 5 in Leeuwarden, ALH deliveries were leading!

Below is a selection of entered animals and between brackets the cow family from which they originate:

Class 1 Holstein Junior
1. 179 Giessen Charity 253
2. 167 De Rith Nova Emblem (Eroy family, delivered as embryo to Beek, Breda)
3. 170 De Winkels Barbara 4 (Barbie family, dam delivered as embryo to Driel, Hedel)

Class 4 Holstein Intermediate
1. 263 Southland Sidekick Gina
2. 266 Hbc Devour Pledge Pledge (Promise family, delivered to Schep Holsteins, Bergambacht)
3. 268 De Wieke Undenied Eve (Leadman Mae family, great granddam delivered as embryo to Koster, Koekange)

Class 5 Holstein Intermediate
1. 292 Heerenbrink Angelina (Apple family, dam delivered as embryo)

Class 6 Holstein Intermediate
1. 307 Bolleholster Solo Mae (Leadman Mae family, granddam delivered as embryo)

Champion Holstein Intermediate and Grand Champion
Heerenbrink Angelina (Apple family, dam delivered as embryo)

Champion Red Holstein Intermediate
Lakeside Ups Ashtime (Ashlyn family, granddam delivered as embryo)

1A M.H. Rihann Red ( Roxy family, delivered as embryo and owned in partnership with Merwehoeve / ALH)

Even more names in the catalog from ALH deliveries:
Bolleholster Anya (Adeen), Charley (Cinderella), Rosie (Roseanna/August), Daan (Dellia), Licorice (Talent Licorice), Asmara (Ashley), Bellagio (Blexy), Charlotte (Cinderella) Arianne (Adeen), Thunder Vray, Adria (Apple) Solo Mae (Leadman Mae), Tequila Red (de Tequila Red), Happy (Hopra), Revive Red (Roxy), Jolijn (Frosty), Eve (Rudolph Zip), Daantje (Dellia), A-L-H Arab (Altitude), Snapple (Apple), Aria (Apple), Complete (Undenied), Emblem (Nova), Barbara (Barbie), Marcia (Maui), Elsi Kingboy (Elsie), Cinderella (Roxy), Nelis Vray 2x, Darlina (Dellia), Horizon (Lynncrest), Pledge (Promise), Cinderella (Roxy), Eve (Rudolph Zip), Flame Lana (Locket/Roxy), Darla (Dellia), Lyne Vray, Anya (Adeen), Asra (CB Allen), Botter Altitude (Apple), Albertina (Adeen), Mina (Mauie), Gold Mae (Leadman Mae), Darla (Dellia), Praline (Promise), Asmara (CB Allen), Horizon (Lynncrest), Daantje (Dellia), Eve (Rudolph Zip), Cinderella 40 (Roxy), Tequila Red (de Tequila), Rubenspos Red (Posey), Ashlyn 3 (Ashlyn), Dolly Rae (Debutante/Roxy), Defiant Ashlyn (Ashlyn), Alisha (Altitude), Daisy 1 (Durham Daisy), etc, etc.
For sure we missed a few …:)

Masterrind – daughter group number 1 bull Topstone (Topshot x Rubicon) ALH Prudence family.
Bulls like Jotan, Douglas, Unix, all originating from and/or supplied by ALH!

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