Shows in the Netherlands

Advent Roseanne EX-93, now 12 years young, >100.000kg and 2nd in Middenmeer

Animals from and out of cow families supplied by ALH are walking in the spotlight.

Bloesemshow in Zoelen
Several Cinderellas dominate the Bloesemshow and the bull’s daughter group, Delores A-L-H Chucky. The dam of Chucky is bred through ALH and deliverd to Anker Holstein, Maurik.
Chucky himself is via ALH delivered to Aberekin in Spain.

Wintershow in Etten-Leur
De Rith Thunder Vray 1 (sired by Thunder Storm) of De Rith Holsteins, Adrion and Lisette van Beek out of Breda was winning Silver. Thunder Vray is a daughter of Nelis Vray, the full sister to the Swiss Champion Hanna-Vray and old European Champion Galys-Vray.

Wintershow in Middenmeer
Reserve Champion 2yr olds: Mps Prosy Proside, Sidekick daughter owned by Mts Spaander, Berkhout. The Winsor Manor Rudolph Zip family.
Intermediate Champion and best udder: Future Dream H Daan, J Wijnker, Avenhorn.
The Shottle Daydream (Dellia) family.
In the Aged Class was present Advent Roseanne EX-93; 2nd in her class and Honerable mention, 12 years and >100.000kg! The D-R-A-August family!

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