Offspring Durham Cinderella chosen as Miss Betuwe!

Imported by ALH: Durham Cinderella VG-89

With 4 titles, all for the Cinderella family including the Miss Betuwe for Cinderella 158, Dick and Rosita van Deelen from Zoelen dominated the Avondbloesem Show in Kapel-Avezaath (The Netherlands).

Champion and Reserve Champion aged cows
Champion Share Cinderella 157 and Reserve Champion Share Cinderella 158.
Cinderella 158 was chosen by the public as Miss Betuwe!

Champion Intermediate
Share Cinderella 283, a Brenland Denver sister of Cinderella 158.

The Cinderella story
In 2000 Regancrest Durham embryos out of Wilcoxview Cinderella EX-92 (Roxy family) were bought at Wilcoxview Farm in the USA. These embryos were exported to Germany and Durham Cinderella was born in 2001.
In 2003, Durham Cinderella was as a fresh two year old, viewed by ALH and purchased immediately. Then imported to the Netherlands where she was jointly owned by Giessen Holsteins, Theo van Vliet in Nieuwlande. The rest is history….

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