Grand Champion Holland Holstein Show via ALH

Heerenbrink Angelina Grand Champion Holland Holstein Show 2022

Heerenbrink Angelina (sire Devour) was on Saturday November 5 the Grand Champion Holstein at the Holland Holstein Show 2022.
Dam of Angelina (granddaughter of KHW Regiment Apple Red) was delivered by ALH as an embryo. Angelina is owned by Mts. Steegink, Okkenbroek (The Netherlands).
Earlier in the day Angelina had already won the Intermediate Championship Holstein.

Bolleholster Solo Mae (v. Solomon) was the Intermediate Reserve Champion Holstein.
Mae comes out the Mayerlane Leadman Mae family. Her granddam was delivered by ALH as an embryo.

Lakeside Ups Ashtime (v. Jordy) was the Intermediate Champion Red Holstein.
Ashtime was in her second lactation and also owned by the Steegink family. Her great granddam (Tri Day Ashlyn family) was also delivered as an embryo by ALH!

Many other heifers and cows from ALH deliveries were “Thús in Fryslân” in the WTC Expo, Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) in front of their classes!
ALH congratulates all owners and helpers with these results.

Our animals not only have the capabilities of making you money with their strong pedigrees and potential return on investment, in addition a heifer such as this, can put you right where you belong; in the Winners Circle!

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