Great day for the Young Breeders

Participants and helpers Young Breeders Day Saturday September 22 at A.L.H. in Damwoude

The first Young Breeders Day with the title ‘From the field to the photo’ on Saturday September 22 at A.L.H. Genetics in Damwoude was very successful, educational and fun.

No fewer than 41 participants aged 10 to 26, from all over the Netherlands, accepted the challenge in 8 groups to jointly clip a calf so good as possible. After lunch, each group got a 15 minutes to take a professional picture with photographer Anna Joosse.

The cooperation within the team and the professional photos of the team were judged by Alger Meekma and Adolf Langhout. In addition to the professional photos, there was also a creative part, where the teams had to take a creative picture with the animal. These were surprising and counted for the final result.

At the end of this day group G, with Norwin Piet, Manouk Brouwer, Janco Reitsma, Renate Wubbema, Marije Wubbema and Hiske Calis, was the winner. They are jointly in possession of the grand prize, the eleven month old calf A-L-H Picnick, a very nice King Royal daughter out of Sandy Valley Uno Paxton.

More impressions of this day can find on the Facebook page of the Young Breeders



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