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Kings Ransom Casp Daze, the dam of Dropbox

Which sires are popular for the purchase of embryos?
Holstein International posed this question to Adolf Langhout of ALH Genetics, for decades already one of the world’s best known distrubutors of embryos.

We asked Langhout for the top-5 from the past few months, and already during our phone conversation, he was immediatly able to provide numbers one and two: Delta-Lambda and Altitude-Red. (Remarable: both with Farnear-prefix!) ‘Delta-Lambda and Altitude are definitly in the top for embryo sales, far and away the most used in the last year. Lambda: widely usable; Altitude: easy choice for Red-Holstein,’ explains Langhout. Belowe your see the top-5 at ALH Genetics, with Langhout drawing attention to “newcomer” Dropbox: ‘Of the new sires, Dropbox is the most popular, and he also descends from an outstanding coe!’
About the no. 1 Farnear Delta-Lambda, you can read an extensive report in the HI-magazine January 2023.

Top 5 most popular sires for embryo sales:
1. Farnear Delta Lambda
2. Farnear Altitude Red
3. Kings Ransom Dropbox
4. Siemers Renegade Perfect
5. Cherrylilly Zip Luster P and S-S-I Pr Renegade

Top quality is in little things.
“It’s the little things that make big things possible”

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