Where does the Prudence family come from …

Advertisements above with Mitzi, Mimi and Hiawatha in 1980 at Dreamstreet Holsteins and below Golden Oaks Mark Prudence and Hiawatha at Mayerlane Holsteins

Some cow families can be very dominant within one herd. One of these is the Prudence family at Holbra Holsteins of the family Holmer in Laren, The Netherlands. Of the 80 milking cows in the herd today, 50 of these cows are tracing back to well known Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95.

Rodanas did very well in Italy
Family Holmer bought in 2002 the one year old heifer, sired by Regancrest Elton Durham, Sunday ALH Prudence of ALH Genetics. The Durham herself was not flushing well, but her daughters by Morty and Mascol did very well. This bloodline was unique and there was a lot of interest in embryos and AI bulls for the Holmer family. One of the bulls that did very well was Holbra Inseme Rodanas in Italië (exported via ALH) and has already 4000 milking daughters.

The maternal line
Golden Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 her daughter Mayerlane Rudolph Hiawatha EX-90 was purchased in 1999 by Adolf Langhout. She was flushed at least 6 times with the top proven bull Regancest Elton Durham and all frozen embryos went to the Netherlands.
This resulted in several offspring including Sunday ALH Durham Prudence and her full brothers Watha and Winston. Both bulls went via ALH to Italy.

Below the 10 generations of dams behind Sunday ALH Durham Prudence:
1st Sunday ALH Durham Prudence 2y VG-88
2nd Mayerlane Rudolph Hiawatha EX-90
3rd Golden Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 Levensproductie: > 160.000kg milk
4th Ogden Hanover Sex Prudence EX-91
5th Dreamstreet Rorae Pcohontis EX-93
6th Sher Mar Highmark Hiawatha EX-94 Levensproductie:  71.108kg
7th Sher Mar Lee Mitz EX-91  Levensproductie: 90.924kg
8th Sher Mar Mingo Mimi EX-90 Levensproductie: 73.478kg
9th Sher Mar Misty Jo VG-85
10th Maroy Roburke Sue VG-86

More Prudence influence
The proven bull in Spain, VVH Armonico (Snowman x Bolton x Durham x Rudolph) is out of Prudence family and is completing 4 generations of ALH breeding! ALH owned the Rudolph, sold the Durham as embryo, sold the Bolton as embryo bought the Bolton calf back and bred her to Snowman. After we sold the Bolton as bred heifer to VVH Holsteins and later the bull to Spain.
In addition, there are dozens of dairy farms in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Ireland that have now milking Prudence / Hiawatha family members, and they belong to the highest production and best conformation cows on the farm!

Video online
Jouke Holmer shows a number of current members from the Prudence family milking at Holbra Holsteisn in front of the Veeteelt camera. Very good udders and high production is guaranteed.




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