Queen of Anker Holsteins via ALH

The Broodcow Ramo 1200

Clear-Echo Ramo 1200 is an influential US foundation dam in the western Europe and is the headline of the article in the HI plus April 2022 pages 30 and 31. It starts with; Cow families matter!

The influence of Ramo 1200 is also in the female line in the Netherlands. ALH supplied Joost van den Anker, Anker Holstein in Maurik, with embryos from M-O-M 2150, the daughter of Ramo 1200. Heifer calves were born from this combination, including Anker Holstein De-Su Echo Mardi VG-88.
She now has several daughters who are classified as a 2 year old with 85 points and more and granddaughters in the barn. Mardi is still in the herd, with a high and shallow udder, and she is called The Queen of Anker Holsteins.

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