In the many years of its existence, A.L.H. Genetics has built up an extensive experience and many excellent contacts, both national and international, and uses those to source and supply you with the highest quality breeding stock, and makes them profitable for you as well! From calf to bull-dam-worthy heifer; A.L.H. Genetics always has something available from the very best cow families.

A-L-H Cranberrry 2y VG-88
J. Aalberts & Van der Eijk Holsteins, Twisk

A-L-H Arrow Red VG-89
Mts Lawerman, Hiaure

A-L-H Pharo Heather
Monamore Holsteins, Tom Kelly, Ierland

HH Delta Char P VG-89
N.van den Burg, Muiden

RR Bookem Elina VG-86 
Mts van Veelen, Zeewolde

A-L-H Africa Red
Gebr.Kroon, Spaarndam

MWS Africa P RC VG-87,
Uhrig RZB, Sulzbach, Duitsland

Heerenbrink Jotan Rae P Red EX-90
Familie Steegink, Okkenbroek

A-L-H Moderator EX-90
Giovanni Cerri, Italy

Carpenter Jenny L Planet VG-89
Familie Timmerman, Rouveen

Prima Undenied Dolce VG-87
Mts van der Meer, Appelscha

A-L-H Blowtorch Calipso VG-87
De Rith Holsteins, Breda

A-L-H Chaos 2y VG-87
Martin Rübesam, Wiesenfeld, Duitsland

Crescentmead DB Holly Red VG-89
Bart Staels, Wetteren, België
MPS Darinas Romy VG-89
Mts, Spaander, Berkhout

Our added value: the combination of the best cow families and the right bulls, expert advice, ample expertise and many years of experience. Experience it yourself!

For further information please contact A.L.H. Genetics, tel. (+31) 511-424243.