For Masterrind, he is a trusted key partner and the source of most of our top bulls from the Netherlands. Furthermore, I appreciate his social persona, and admire him for his commitment to the Young Breeders, few people have done as much to encourage and support the next generation.

Torsten Lenk , Masterrind , Germany

Adolf has a great network of friends that he relies on for trusted information. Information to help drive his business. These friendships were forged trough passion and vision for the industry we all lie.

Brian Behnke , USA

Adolf has an incredible memory and passion for great cows. Wel-travelled throughout Europe and North America, his ability to recall pedigrees and individuals is unparalleled. He has been a long time promotor of the breed’s best transmitting cow families and marketed many of them extensively.

Charlie Will , Select Sires , USA

Our working partnership with ALH has been extremely successful over te years, delivering the current and forer #1 GPFT sires SELLECK and RODANAS.

Enrico Dadati , Inseme , Italy