4x excellent!

Zeedieker Advent Roseanna Red now in her 4th lactation and EX-92, EX-94 MS

At the farm of family Wijnker, Future Dream Holsteins in Avenhorn (The Netherlands), the following 4 cows classified this week with excellent.

Zeedieker Advent Roseanna Red  EX-92, EX-94 MS
Grand Champion Holland Holstein Show 2014 and both times at the Europesean Championships in Fribourg 2013 and Colmar 2016.

Future Dream H Fien EX-91, EX-90 MS
This 2nd lactation Sid is via her Goldwyn dam, Ducket Gold Fame EX-94 a granddaughter of Harvue Roy Frosty EX-96!

Future Dream H Darina EX-90, EX-92 MS
This Snowman is now in her 2nd lactation and out of HBC Goldywn Daydream EX-91 followed by Shottle Daydream VG-89, the Dellia family!

Future Dream H Megan Ex-90, EX-91 MS
Again a 2nd lactation Snowman daughter and out of the Regancrest Mac daughter from Mayerlane Durham Mae EX-92!

A.L.H. Genetics delivered Roseanna as heifer, Fien as embryo and the dam of Darina & Megan.

Choose the reliability of A.L.H. Genetics and take advantage of our knowledge and quality!

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