6 FEMbryos resulted in 5 heifers; score 1x 87 and 2x 88!

FEMbryos = female embryos = heifer calves = the best!

ALH congrats the brothers Ate and Hindrik Visser out of Broeksterwald (The Netherlands) with the great score of VG-87 for Broek Diamond 2x VG-88 for Broek Beemer 1 and Broek Beemer 2!

The dad of the two brothers wanted to buy in October 2016 as a birthday present for his son Ate 3 embryos. On the advice of Adolf, these became 6 FEMbryos for both his sons Ate and Hindrik. Five beautiful heifer calves were born from this and of which 3 recently entered in the second lactation and classified VG-87 and two with VG-88 points!

A great result of a combination of correct mating-embryo choice-management animals!

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