ALH congratulates

Mts Wiers with A-L-H BB Highness at the Zuidenveld show 2022 in Schoonebeek

A.L.H. congratulates the family Wiers in Noord-Sleen (The Netherlands) with the successes at the Zuidenveld 2022 show held in Schoonebeek.
Reserve Champion intermediate, A-L-H Kreator (Blowtorch x Plain Knoll Kingboy 829, de Seagull Bay O Man Mirror family).
Reserve Champion aged cows and Champion best udder of the show, A-L-H BB Highness (Bourbon x A-L-H Silver Havanna, de Cookiecutter / Snow-N-Denises Dellia family).
Their 1st in the class herd group was also chosen as the best herd group of the day!

Kreator and Highness both are bought by Mts Wiers as a heifer from A.L.H.,
another succesful breeding result of A.L.H. Genetics B.V..

Our animals not only have the capabilities of making you money with their strong pedigrees and potential return on investment…
in addition a heifer such as this…can put you right where you belong…in the Winners Circle!

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