ALH influence in Noord-Holland at the Wintershow Middenmeer

MPS Proxy Proside, granddam delivered as embryo

Cows from and out of cow families supplied by ALH Wednesday in the spotlight April 12th at the Winter Show in Middenmeer, Noord Holland.

Reserve Champion Jackpot milking two year olds
MPS Marinia Doorman Garay is the Doorman daughter out of Garay Alexander Destiny, purchased as an embryo from ALH and owned by Maarten Spaander, Berkhout.

Winner Intermediate 
MPS Proxy Proside of the Spaander family from Berkhout was chosen as intermediate Champion. Her grandmother, Zeedieker Prosy EX-90 was delivered as an embryo by ALH and comes from the family of Winsor Manor Rudolph Zip.

Reserve Intermediate Champion and Honerable Mention
Anya 10 van der Eijk family from Twisk was the Reserve Champion here and Honerable Mention Intermediate Champion: Bolleholster Anya 3. Their great-grandmother Shottle Anya was imported by ALH and delivered to Bolleholster, Jan van der Wal Wanswerd.

Senior Reserve Champion
Future Dream H. Dirkje of the Wijnker family from Avenhorn. She comes from the Shottle Daydream (Dellia) family.

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