Family Power: HI Cow Family Tournament

Applicious is looking forward to the first group of influential cow families

In the March issue of the magazine Holstein International we find the unique worldwide Cow Family Tournament. No less than 50 influential cow families have been nominated for the first round.

On this list of Nominations also includes several cowfamilies that are discovered and developed by ALH. Many descendants are now spread across Europe.

A-L-H Destiny 2y VG-87
The daughter of Markwell Durham Daisy EX-92. Destiny her two sons Danillo and Goldday plus her 2 grandsons Bakombre and Beart do already in Europa over 100.000 daughters. Add to that her sons and grandsons including Unix in North America …
Daisy was purchased by ALH in 2002 and is one of the most modern and successful brood cows ever!

Durham Cinderella VG-89
Imported as embryo from the USA and delivered as milking 2yr old to Theo van Vliet in Nieuwlande, at the time jointly owned with ALH.

Grietje 80 EX-91
Bought in 1999 for the ALH Genetics breeding program Quality Genes.

Holbra Pam 2y VG-87
The Mascol daughter out of Sunday ALH Durham Prudence delivered to the family Holmer in Laren, The Netherlands. Prudence was a very successful Durham daughter out of the well known ALH embryo donor Mayerlane Rudolph Hiawatha.

In addition, there are many other names and well-known cow families in the list. Do you still recognize Delta Eugenie out of Delta Esmeralda, purchased at the time for NLG 100,000 for the Quality Genes breeding program and the granddam of Mascol?
And the dam of Baviere, Jocko Jen sold through ALH, Neblina was in the barn at ALH and the Classy family came via ALH to Europe?

More information about HI’s Cow Family Tournament 2021 can be found on the website of Holstein International

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