Nice prices at auctions for offspring ALH embryos

With ALH FEMbryos it easy to make return on investment

Several auctions show excellent price returns on embryos purchased from ALH:

At the Easter Spring Sale in Switzerland: high price was for Milksource Altitude Tiffany Red CHF 11.000. At the Snickerdoodle Sale in Germany the highest price was Duckett Raptor Texas ET 9.900 Euro. Next one 9.000 Euro was also for a beautiful calf that came from embryos purchased through ALH
De Wildsheuvel Apple Red Euro 5.500, RSM Arethusa Viv Euro 4.000, De Wildsheuvel Aubergine *RC Euro 4.000, OV Altitude Kandie-Red Euro 3.100 and SH Doorman Deluxe met Euro 3.000. And probably the best aren’t even sold …

Easy to return Euros with ALH FEMbryos.

If your choice is for females qualities with return on investment;  CLICK HERE

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