National Grand Champion 2022 of Germany

Budjon Warrior Hail Mary, National Heifer Champion of Germany delivered as embryo by ALH

A.L.H. congratulates the family Büscherhoff, Albers, Hullcrest and van der Molen with the championship of Budjon Warrior Hail Mary; National Grand Champion heifer (under one year) of Germany at June 10, Bundersjungzüchtertreffen in Fließem.

Budjon Warrior Hail Mary was delivered in 2020 by A-L-H. to Büscherhoff Holstein (Germany) as an embryo and is a great result of using the right bulls on the right cows on the right time!

Our animals not only have the capabilities of making you money with their strong pedigrees and potential return on investment… in addition a heifer such as this…can put you right where you belong…in the Winners Circle!

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