Viona 2y VG-86

LocatieMts.v.d. Meer, The Netherlands


vaderRiver Valley CeCe Chrome

MoederVivian VG-85

mvColton Flame Fireman

mmArethusa Socrates Velvet EX-93

mmvPiedmont Prize Socrates

mmmArethusa Deluxe Veronique EX-91

mmmmHurona Centurion Veronica EX-97

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A-L-H Have Me

A-L-H Heather VG-88, EX-MS

Sidekick M.H. Babette 1

MH Tequila 2 Red

Had Hail Mary RC

Stecy Vray Red

Roxette P EX-91

HAM Master Tahiti 2y VG-86

Belovley VG-88

Beltonanean Profit Cosmopolitan EX-93

Firstlook Blacklabel LB Afligem EX-90

A-L-H Alat1stClass Bigna VG-88

A-L-H Damion Trixy EX-91

Crushabull Cleo

Golden Oaks ALH Locket VG-87

Viona 2y VG-86

Olza Atwood Adeen EX-92

A-L-H Lift Off

Altitude Red Hot

Mps Marinia 2y VG-87

SH Doorman Deluxe 2y VG-86

A-L-H Luck E Altitude Kandie 2y VG-86

Oosterbrook Jagger Climax

A-L-H Pinnacle EX-90

Purple Red du Neuhof EX-91

M.H. Babet 1 2y VG-88

A-L-H Miss Altitude Red 2y VG-85

Mox Unstopabull Aria Red 2y VG-86

A-L-H Arista 2y VG-86

KH Daisy EX-91

New Moore Tp Lizzy 2y VG-85

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