ALH fototeam with ….

A-L-H AZ Breezer Red, the Farnear Altitude granddaughter of Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn EX-97

During a well-organized photo day at ALH in Damwoude, Alger Meekma photographed no less than 17 A-L-H heifers and calves, including this A-L-H AZ Breezer Red (Altitude x Avalanche x Blexy EX-97).
On the picture all helpers (left to the right): Ate Visser, Nykle Jacob Lawerman, Alger Meekma, Ineke Hoekstra, Wieke Marije Bakker, Arjan Werkhoven, Adolf Langhout, Marieke Albring and Patrick van Rooijen. Picture taken by Astrid Hurenkamp.

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