A-L-H Have Me

LocatieA.L.H. Genetics, The Netherlands


vaderS-S-I Pr Renegade

MoederS-S-I Doc Have Not 8783 EX-92

mvWoodcrest King Doc

mmFly Higher Jedi Havenot VG-86

mmmCookiecutter Masey Hashes VG-85

mmmmCookiecutter MOM Halo VG-88

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MWS A-L-H Africa RC P VG-87

G.N. Gold Chip Behappy EX-92

A-L-H Moderator EX-90

A-L-H AZ Breezer Red

Ards Mogul Panzer EX-95

La Portea Undenied Candy 2y VG-87

A-L-H Prophet VG-87

A-L-H-Extase VG-87

Bolleholster Appleflap RC

Vispa Victorius

Ballytique Rager Red Apple 2y VG-88

Budjon Warrior Hail Mary RC

A-L-H Blenver EX-90

A-L-H Baileys Red

De Winkels Bo

A-L-H Have Me

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