Animals bred by ALH score in many countries!

A-L-H Atomatic RC daughter out of MS Apples Uno Aleetra RC at Henrik Wille in Germany

The animals below have been bred and delivered by ALH to relations and have been classified with at least VG-88 in recent weeks including 10 excellents. (which we know …)

A-L-H Dakari VG-88, King Royal daughter out of A-L-H Dakar, the Roxys in Belguim;
A-L-H Jedi Addi VG-88, Jedi daughter out of MS Apples Uno Aleetra EX-90 in Northern-Ireland;
A-L-H Blenver RC VG-88, Denver daughter out of the Apples in Ireland;
A-L-H Delta Garnier VG-89, Delta daughter out of Converse Judy family in Northern-Ireland;
A-L-H Jedi Pitcher EX-90, Jedi daughter out of Sandy Valley Paxton in Northern-Ireland;
A-L-H Symp Daantje EX-90, Sympatico daughter out of Rudolph Zip family in United Kingdom
A-L-H Rubicon Kentucky EX-90, Rubicon daughter out of Kora family in United Kingdom;
A-L-H Arrow Red EX-90, Olympian out MS Apples Uno Aleetra EX-90 in the Netherlands;
A-L-H Genosource Aliza EX-90, Atwood daughter out MS Apples Uno Aleetra EX-90 in the USA;
A-L-H Genosource 3213 EX-90, Rubicon daughter out MS Apples Uno Aleetra EX-90 in the USA;
A-L-H Super Nova EX-90, Super daughter out of Sandy-Valley MG Amaretto in the USA;
A-L-H King Doc Affirmed EX-90, King Doc daughter out of Cosmopolitan family in the USA;
A-L-H Barbette EX-90, Kerrigan daughter out of Calbrett Supersire Barb in the USA;
K H Daisy EX-90, Yoder daughter out of the ALH donor MS Chassity Earn 2272 VG-88 in the Netherlands.

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